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Supporting the biopharmaceutical market

We are committed to providing you with products and processes that make it easy for you tofocus on results. TDG offers a high-quality collection of production supplies that support demanding requirements in many industries, including biotechnology, clean technology, government, medical device, and pharmaceutical. TDG helps our biopharma customers take new therapies from discovery to delivery, fasterand more efficiently together with our global strategic partnerships suppliers with biopharmaceutical industry expertise, backed by a deep understanding of the quality,regulatory and technical knowledge necessary to improve products and processes as youbring innovative therapies to market.

Quality and Compliance

Quality is an essential element of every process, program, product, and solution and is the foundation for the value we deliver every day. Beyond our operations, we have robust supply chains and security programs with our global suppliers. Allowing you to benefit from enhanced regulatory compliance and minimized risk—driving cost-effectiveness and faster time-to-market for products.

Quality And Regulatory Expertise

We serve industries subject to rigorous quality, performance, and reliability regulations. You can rely on us to navigate these requirements while also facilitating your efforts. Product quality is assured by our quality systems, which begins with an effective design protocol and continues up the supply chain, from vendor qualification through product distribution.

Production Chemicals

Offering reliable and transparent supply chain solutions designed to decrease the complexity you encounter in the Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical industries is what we do best. Manage the ever-increasing complexity you face by leveraging our global strategic partnership strengths.

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton COMPLETEPAK

CompletePAK is a range of off-the-shelf, ready-to-use crimp top vials, stoppers, and seals that are conveniently packaged in pre-sterilized, precleaned, and depyrogeniated kits. Each kit comes with specific United States Pharmacopeia (USP) certificates showing that the product meets or exceeds critical USP standards that are enforced by the Federal Drug Administration. This solution allows you to focus on your core competencies of manufacturing, compounding and developing drug products.

Controlled Environment

TDG is your total solution provider for Controlled Environments. TDG is committed to supporting the needs of facilities that require ultraclean conditions for manufacturing and other processes. We offer controlled environment products from industry-leading manufacturers to support pharmaceutical, microelectronics, medical devices, and other industries.

Protective Apparel

TDG understands the controlled environment, and we continue to provide new offerings that can help ensure your controlled environment is as clean and efficient as possible. Garments and personal protection play a major role in your process and TDG can provide the complete solution for you with a wide variety of options in each area perfectly suited to your requirements. Available as Single-Use or Reusable.


In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, pharmaceutical and life sciences corporations face a very dynamic outlook that represents distinct and unique opportunities.

TDG Scientific works with numerous Fortune 1000 and Global 100 clients in this industry, by providing constant access to the most cutting-edge equipment and supplies.

We have over 10+ years of experience serving life sciences customers who specialize in pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, generics, biotechnology, cardio-injectables drugs. Our expertise is in implementing value-focused, comprehensive and integrated solutions to drive profitability for sustainable long-term impact for the most advanced research and development teams.

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TDG Pharma, Research & Development Premiere Brands

Rely on TDG Scientific when you need to ensure ultraclean manufacturing conditions for your production facility

Beckman Coulter

Beckman Coulter has built a reputation of innovation by challenging convention and redefining standards of excellence.


Leading Laboratory Water Purification Specialist. From primary grade water for simple routine washing and rinsing to ultrapure (type 1) water for the most critical science and analytical applications.



Kimble Chase Life Science and Research Products, LLC is a global company with 900 employees at five ISO 9001 registered operating facilities on three continents producing a broad range of reusable, disposable and specialty glassware…



METTLER TOLEDO is a leading global manufacturer for balances and scales.

Molecular Devices

Pall Laboratory

Pall Laboratory is a filtration, separation and purification leader providing solutions to meet the critical fluid management needs of customers across the broad spectrum of life sciences and industry…

PHC Corporation of North America

PHC Corporation of North America offers a broad selection of PHCbi brand laboratory equipment that represents decades of innovation in research and design.


Qorpak – Your Source for Innovative Laboratory Packaging

Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific products provide a total cell culture solution that delivers the vital nutrients, surfaces, equipment, services and expert resources essential to advancing your research.


Throughout its 126-year history, WHEATON has been dedicated to supporting scientific advances and discovery by providing innovative solutions for the laboratory research, diagnostic, and specialty pharmaceutical industries…

The Life Sciences’ Advantage

10+ years vetted by industry leaders with a proven track record of delivering value

Access to millions of trusted products across all categories from leading manufacturers

Rated in the top 95th percentile for customer satisfaction, verified by Dun & Bradstreet

Earn 25+ Tier 1 credits for every $1 of diverse spend, 23 in the State of Texas

B2B e-commerce solutions including e-procurement integration with Ariba, Coupa, and Jaggaer.

Vertical Expertise

At TDG, we are the Go-To-Vendor of choice by local, state, and federal agencies for all chemicals, instruments, safety PPE, industrial and janitorial supplies, forensics supplies, and pharmaceuticals. We’ve built industry-specific expertise to help guide and consult our clients so they can maximize their ROI with a comprehensive solution


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