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TDG Scientific partners with leading Manufacturer brands to bring you a wide variety of solutions and unlimited product choices for your classroom and laboratory. Shop the widest selection of materials for patient care, clinical applications, veterinary science, and biomedical studies, all in one place.

Lab Equipment and Supplies

Stock your lab for success with equipment and lab supplies for every application and budget

Chemistry and Chemicals

With over 3,500 chemicals for education and the widest selection of equipment, models,activity kits, and safety supplies, we have everything you need for your chemistry lab all inone place!

Microscopes and Optics

Discover high quality microscopes for beginner to advanced study, with options for everyapplication and prices you can afford.

Custom Kits

Teach your curriculum, your way. Discover the convenience of custom kits to match yourunique curriculum needs. Choose from kits to match your popular programs, or contact us tocreate your own.


Government and nonprofit organizations today are expected to provide the same level of services, if not more, to their constituents amidst shrinking budgets and severe fiscal pressures
TDG, with nearly two decades of experience working with hundreds of Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises, as well as dozens of government and nonprofit organizations, brings in a deep understanding of commercial best practices as well as know-how of applying them for the government and nonprofit space.
With many government and nonprofit organizations already running lean teams, further reductions in headcount is not an option as it can increase the strain in an already stressed service delivery. We partner with our customers to develop unique solutions that achieve significant, tangible time and money savings without affecting services or reducing headcount.

College and universities today are expected to provide the same level of services, if not more, amidst shrinking budgets and severe fiscal pressures. That’s why TDG Scientific leverages over 25+ diverse certifications to negotiate the most competitive prices from our global strategic partners.

With over a decade of experience working with the largest educational systems in the country, we have the technology needed to seamlessly integrate with your e-procurement system to ensure that quote requests, online ordering, tracking and delivery confirmations are all just a click away. This way you can focus your time, not on the procurement process, but rather on what’s most important: your research.

Key Capabilities

Seamless online ordering
Superior customer service
Unlimited product choice
Access to global suppliers

Vertical Expertise

At TDG, we are the Go-To-Vendor of choice by local, state, and federal agencies for all chemicals, instruments, safety PPE, forensics supplies, and pharmaceuticals. We’ve built industry-specific expertise to help guide and consult our clients so they can maximize their ROI with a comprehensive solution


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