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Having a robust and vibrant research and development function is the lifeline for organizations across all industries. That’s why no matter if you are working in a university research lab, a wastewater treatment facility, or for a global Fortune 10 pharmaceutical company, TDG Scientific will support you with the latest lifescience products and specialized chemicals you need that meet the highest quality control standards.

It is due to our broad range of unlimited products that enables TDG Scientific to consistently provide you with the most cutting-edge solutions for your laboratory and research teams.

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TDG Equipment

TDG offers a wide range of equipment and instrumentation to meet your needs and enable science in any workflow. We offer a wide range of equipment from trusted manufacturers. TDG offers product choices to meet your needs. Refrigerators, Freezers, ULT Freezers, Hotplates & Stirrers, Shakers & Vortex Mixers, Pumps, Incubators, Ovens, Environmental Chambers, Water Systems, Cryogenic Storage, Circulators, Chillers, Baths, Homogenizers, Autoclaves.

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TDG offers microcentrifuges and bench centrifuges, both refrigerated and ambient. The range is from all market-leading suppliers as well as our high-performance VWR Collection. In addition, all the appropriate accessories are available to make centrifugation easy. Bench Centrifuges, Tubes, Racks, Floor Model Centrifuges.

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TDG offers thousands of chemicals suitable for a multitude of analytical applications in R&D. If guaranteed high-quality chemicals and reproducible performance from batch to batch is key to achieving your QC, production, or R&D goals, then contact TDG to be your trusted partner. Brands you can trust, Avantor, VWR BDH, Alfa Aesar, Honeywell, Millipore Sigma, Ricca, Spectrum, TCI Chemicals. GFS and a host of others.

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Cold Storage

TDG cold storage portfolio is designed and manufactured to provide dependable storage and outstanding temperature stability for your valuable samples, reagents, and materials.

Freezers various countertop and under-counter freezers that provide protective storage for scientific and medical materials. The high-performance control systems in these lab freezers use advanced technology for precise temperature management required in maintaining accurate test results.

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Life Science

At TDG, we work to provide our customers with complete solutions. The Life Science product offering and services continually evolve to meet our customers’ demands in a broad range of applications. You have access to trusted brands that address your existing challenges and make tomorrow’s breakthrough discoveries possible.

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Analytical Chemistry Solutions

Analytical Chemistry represents a range of rapidly evolving techniques, methods, and enabling technologies that remain critical to solving the many challenges in biomedical research, environmental and forensic work, as well as clinical diagnostics and materials science.

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TDG SCIENTIFIC® offers a large and growing range of spectrophotometers for all applications.

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TDG SCIENTIFIC® has everything you need for this common quantitative technique from classical glassware to automatic titrators including reagents and accessories.

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Chromatography Solutions

We are here to help you improve efficiencies and outcomes in your laboratory. Your success will determine our future; we support you to be successful.

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Ovens & Incubators

TDG SCIENTIFIC ® Ovens and Incubators provide superior temperature accuracy and excellent recovery time for a wide range of demanding applications.

TDG Scientific Universities Products

TDG Scientific partners with leading Manufacturer brands to bring you a wide variety of solutions and unlimited product choices for your classroom and laboratory.

TDG Scientific Pharma, Health, and Life Science Top Brands

We are committed to providing you with products and processes that make it easy for you to focus on results. This commitment begins with our team of experienced and capable technical support staff and our key manufacturer alliances.
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Applied Biosystems
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Drucker Diagnostics
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SIEMENS Healthineers
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Other Brands

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ZeptoMetrix Corporation


From lab supplies and consumables to equipment, find millions of products you trust — tailored to meet the needs of federal, state, and local government budgets.

Our Programs

The comprehensive TDG Scientific portfolio of products and services facilitates vendor consolidation and provides maximum choice to government-related facilities. Find millions of products that you have come to know and trust. We offer lab supplies, consumables, reagents, instruments, and equipment for all of your life sciences and analytical applications.

Effective Government Solutions

TDG SCIENTIFIC is committed to providing efficient and effective solutions to Government buyers. Rely on TDG SCIENTIFIC for responsive customer service, quick and accurate delivery, high-quality products, and a knowledgeable sales team unparalleled in the industry.

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